Central Piedmont Community College


[Parttime] Minutes - Nov 13 PT Welfare Committee Meeting

Below are the (unofficial) minutes Linda wrote up from the last PT committee meeting.

Meeting Notes from Nov. 13, 2007 meeting of the College Senate Part-Time Welfare Committee

Attending:  Sheila Clemons, Karen Stanley, Leesa Whicker, Linda Dunham


The committee made a unanimous decision to focus on two issues for the remainder of the academic year:

1.	Free or discounted classes for part time faculty/staff
2.	Medical benefits for part time faculty/staff



Medical benefits for part time faculty/staff



*	Administrative costs - who would take on the responsibility of administering medical benefits for part-time faculty/staff?


*	Part-time schedules vary.  There is little consistency among part-timers with regards to number of hours worked, number of semesters worked, etc.  


Follow up:

*	Sheila will look into the possibility of working with a Third Party Administrator (TPA) in order to prevent or reduce any administrative costs on the part of the college.  This would be similar to "outsourcing" the administrative duties.



Free or discounted classes for part time faculty/staff



*	Funding the classes: FTE's or other tuition source?


To consider:

*	Putting a timeline in place for courses
*	Using an application which includes a deadline, to make the process consistent.
*	offer on seat-available basis
*	Consider priority based on seniority
*	Collecting data on the process for purposes of documentation and assessment


Follow up:

*	Determine how many seats were available for fall 2007 after all students had registered. (Denise ?)
*	Find out details regarding FTE's:  
*	Develop a proposal for Janet (Committee members)




Mileage reimbursement for part-time faculty traveling between campuses:


*	Leesa will follow up with Accounts Payable to see if it's possible to include part-time miles in monthly departmental mileage projections.