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For some of you, this may be a repeat message but I wanted to alert any and all those who are involved in grant reporting (feel free to pass on to those who are involved) to see this message below:

If you have not emailed Alexis Lockett at locketta at nccommunitycolleges.edu<mailto:locketta at nccommunitycolleges.edu> your college’s data needs as it pertains to wage records, please do so by  November 2, 2016.  As a reminder please email Alexis the following items:

·         The name of the grants you need wage information for
·         Grant requirements/outcome measures
·         Templates or samples that outline reporting requirements
·         Any additional information you feel would be helpful (for example, how you define your cohort, an example file/template of how you would want data to be broken out, programmatic benefit, etc.).

The information you provide will help us identify the correct information/data elements you need for reporting requirements, and determine the best method to implement this process.  We plan to set up a meeting in December with the colleges who provide us with their data needs.  If your college is no longer interested in being involved in this process, please let us know.

Thank you,


Matthew Meyer, Ph.D
Associate Vice President, STEM Innovations & Strategic Planning
NC Community College System
Meyerm at nccommunitycolleges.edu

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