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[NCCORD] Update from Hurricane Impacted areas

I am happy to report that Lenoir Community College will open on Monday, October 24!  The storm has devastated several areas in Lenoir County, but our community is pulling together to help each other.  If you are familiar with King's Restaurant, Neuse Sport Shop, or other businesses along Highway 70, they received approximately four feet of water.  LCC will have the Red Cross Shelter on campus for at least another week or two. Ten of our employees were evacuated from their homes. Some of them have been able to return and begin clean up.  Unfortunately, two of our three hotels were flooded which makes temporary housing more difficult. The real test comes Monday when the students return.
Please keep all of eastern NC in your prayers.
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Dear NC CORD friends,

Those of you down east, let us know how you are doing - especially in Bladen, Columbus, Robeson, Cumberland, Sampson, Pitt, Edgecomb and others I have missed.  Are your colleges re-opened?  How is it going?

Thanks.  Carolyn

Feel joy and satisfaction to know your time, talent and treasure have made a difference to ACC students!

Carolyn Rhode
Executive Director, Alamance Community College Foundation
Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Alamance Community College
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email: carolyn.rhode at alamancecc.edu<mailto:carolyn.rhode at alamancecc.edu>
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