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[NCCORD] NSF Community College Innovation Challenge

Matthew Meyer meyerm at nccommunitycolleges.edu
Wed Sep 24 15:18:37 EDT 2014
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Matthew Meyer, Ph.D
Associate VP, STEM Innovations
NC Community College System

From: Lockard, Christi [mailto:CLOCKARD at nsf.gov]
Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 2:00 PM
Subject: Community College Innovation Challenge

This may be of interest to you. Please disseminate widely: http://www.nsf.gov/news/newsmedia/ccic_2014/ccic_call1.html

View Online <http://www.nsf.gov/news/newsmedia/ccic_2014/ccic_call1.html>




Community College
Innovation Challenge

[Submit your entry to the Community College Innovation Challenge]

Who: Teams of community college students, a faculty mentor and a community or industry partner.

What: Teams proposing innovative STEM-based solutions for real-world problems they identify within one of the following themes: Big Data, Infrastructure Security, Sustainability (including water, food, energy, environment), Broadening Participation in STEM, Improving STEM Education.




.Sept. 15, 2014, to
Jan. 15, 2015.

Submit entries at www.nsf.gov/CCchallenge<http://www.nsf.gov/CCchallenge>

To foster the development of crucial innovation skills.

ENTER TODAY<http://www.nsf.gov/cgi-bin/goodbye?https://communitycollege.skild.com/skild2/CommunityCollege/registerLeader.action>

More questions? Get updates on Twitter #CCIChallenge or contact the team at InnovationChallenge at nsf.gov<mailto:InnovationChallenge at nsf.gov>.

Subscriber Services: Manage Preferences  |  Unsubscribe  |  Help<https://subscriberhelp.govdelivery.com/>  |  Contact NSF<http://www.nsf.gov/help/contact.jsp>

Sandy Canfield
Assistant Director, Partnerships and Resource Development
North Carolina Space Grant (NCSG)
sandy_canfield at ncsu.edu<mailto:sandy_canfield at ncsu.edu>

E-mail correspondence to and from this address may be subject to the North Carolina Public Records Act and shall be disclosed to third parties when required by Chapter 132 of the North Carolina General Statutes.
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