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[NCCORD] Serving Alcohol on Campus

Jeanne M Kennedy jmkennedy48 at lenoircc.edu
Wed Jun 4 08:48:53 EDT 2014

We serve alcohol at Lenoir Community College.  I have included the policy and procedure information below.  If you have any questions, give me a call. Hope it helps.


Jeanne M. Kennedy
Lenoir Community College Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 188
Kinston, NC  28502

Policy Manual
6.3 Serving of Alcohol on Campus, at Off-Campus Centers,
and at College-Sanctioned Events (10.5) (XX)
College policy allows the serving of alcoholic beverages on campus, at off-campus centers, and at College-sanctioned events. This policy includes events conducted by the College and the Lenoir Community College Foundation, Inc. and approved events sponsored by outside organizations. The President of the College is directly responsible for ensuring compliance with state and local laws. College security or a sworn law enforcement officer(s) must be present at all times during events when alcohol is served.

Compliance with Applicable Law
All North Carolina alcohol laws apply to any event held on campus or sanctioned by the College.
Tax Dollars
In accordance with North Carolina Administrative Code, no North Carolina tax dollars are used to purchase alcoholic beverages.
Any event held on campus or sanctioned by the College where alcohol is to be served must have the written approval of the President, including the time(s) and location(s) of the event.
Any event held on campus or sanctioned by the College must have at least one security officer or one sworn law enforcement officer on the premises during the entire event.
All required local, state and federal permits necessary for the possession and distribution of alcoholic beverages are obtained prior to any events on campus or at College sanctioned events. Any required permits are provided to the administrator in charge of the event 72 hours prior to the event. A copy of required permits is on display in the designated area during the event.
Special Occasion Permits
A Limited Special Occasion Permit from the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission is obtained for any event where fortified wine and/or liquor are served.
Student Sponsored Activity
Authorization to serve alcohol is not granted for any student-sponsored activity.
Service and Consumption
No alcoholic beverages at any event held on campus or sanctioned by the College are served to or by any person younger than 21 years of age. Alcoholic beverage stocks remain at all times under the control of and are served only by a bartender and/or caterer. All alcoholic beverages are consumed only in designated areas. Alcohol distribution is discontinued for a patron or for an entire event at the discretion of the College administrator in charge of the event, the President, the bartender, caterer or the security officer on duty. No guest or patron is allowed to "brown bag" or bring his/her own alcoholic beverages to any event held on campus or sanctioned by the College.
In addition, compliance with other restrictions apply to any organization not affiliated with LCC to whom College facilities may be leased.
Lease of Facilities
Procedures for the use of facilities by outside organizations are on file in the office of the Vice President of Administrative Services.
When serving alcohol, the lessee provides proof of at least a one million dollar ($1,000,000) liability policy naming the College as an additional insured. The insurance policy provides that the carrier agrees to defend, save harmless, and indemnify the College, its employees, administrators, trustees, and agents from all financial loss, damage, or harm arising out of the dispensing of alcoholic beverages. A copy of the certificate of insurance is submitted to the College no later than 72 hours prior to the event.
The lessee arranges for the purchase of the alcoholic beverages and the transportation of these beverages to and from the College.
Contact Person
The lessee designates a responsible party to be the contact person for the duration of the event, and that contact person is present during the entire event.
The lessee provides a damage deposit in the amount of 50 percent of the rental agreement.

From: Judy Jennette [mailto:judyj at beaufortccc.edu]
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2014 8:18 AM
Subject: [NCCORD] Serving Alcohol on Campus


Several years ago, the Beaufort County Community College Trustees made a policy to prohibit the service or consumption of alcoholic beverages on our campus. Our new president has asked the Trustees to revisit this policy so that the Foundation can do more fundraising on campus.

Our President has asked me to contact you and gain a sense of how other Community Colleges handle this issue. Do you allow alcohol to be served at campus functions (college or non-college sponsored) and if so, could you share your policy or procedures with us?

Many thanks in advance for your kind assistance.

Judy Jennette
Foundation Director
Beaufort County Community College

Beaufort County Community College is a public comprehensive community college committed to providing accessible and affordable quality education, effective teaching, relevant training, and lifelong learning opportunities for the people served by the College.

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