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[NCCORD] Serving Alcohol on Campus

Lynne James ljames at email.pittcc.edu
Wed Jun 4 10:20:33 EDT 2014
Pitt Community College does not allow alcohol on campus as a standard practice. It is possible to make a special request to the President and Trustees for a specific event, but typically adhere to policy. If we are hosting an event where alcohol is served it is done off-campus.
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>>> "Judy Jennette" <judyj at beaufortccc.edu> 6/4/2014 8:17 AM >>>
Several years ago, the Beaufort County Community College Trustees made a policy to prohibit the service or consumption of alcoholic beverages on our campus. Our new president has asked the Trustees to revisit this policy so that the Foundation can do more fundraising on campus.
Our President has asked me to contact you and gain a sense of how other Community Colleges handle this issue. Do you allow alcohol to be served at campus functions (college or non-college sponsored) and if so, could you share your policy or procedures with us?
Many thanks in advance for your kind assistance.
Judy Jennette 
Foundation Director
Beaufort County Community College

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