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[Moodle-instructors] New Moodle Blocks/Add-ons

Jean Hardy Jean.Hardy at cpcc.edu
Mon May 15 16:37:07 EDT 2006
Moodle Users

We are moving forward with enhancing the functionality and appearance of
CPCC's Moodle. 

This summer the current and development sites will have a new set of
icons and some additional blocks/add-ons. These additions will offer
greater efficiencies to the present version but will neither alter the
basic structure nor functionality of courses. 

*	Spell Check - appears as an icon on the WYSIWYG editing menu
*	Course Menu Block - provides an alternate tree-like directory to
course topics/weeks, as well as links to admin functions. 
*	Quick Mail Block - allows users to email individual students or
specific subsets of students. 
*	Book Block - allows users to create multi-page resources in a
book-like format. 

Instructional Development will be offering training updates throughout
the summer and per request. We welcome your comments and feedback. Join
us on the eLearning Community's Moodle Users forums at

Additional information about these Moodle features can be found at:
http://docs.moodle.org/en/Main_Page and


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