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[Cpcommunicator] Rent-a-Text at the CPCC Bookstores This Fall

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Mon May 24 16:50:35 EDT 2010
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Beginning this fall, CPCC campus bookstores will introduce a new textbook rental program  that will allow students to save upwards of 50 percent on many of the books you select  for your courses!  Under the banner of Rent-A-Text, we believe offering rental textbooks through this program will:

*        Save students money.  Rental can save students 50 percent or more on the cost of

their textbooks

*        Support strong learning and study habits.  Students can continue to highlight and take notes in their rented textbooks.  They will also have the option to keep the book at the end of a


*        Make it easier for students to get all their books when they need them.   Students will be able to purchase, pickup and return textbooks either in our campus  stores or online and have numerous choices for payment, including being able to use their financial aid.

But you play a critical role in making this possible for our students.

First, consider adopting titles that are available for rental.  Your bookstores are compiling a  comprehensive, national rental list, which will be available at www.rent-a-text.com<http://www.rent-a-text.com> .  We want to make rental available to as many students as possible.

Second, if you don't see a title you want on the national rental list, our bookstore  managers can work with you to make specific books eligible for Rent-A-Text with a multiple term adoption.  Online forms to electronically submit a request to make a title rentable can be found at www.rent-a-text.com<http://www.rent-a-text.com/> .

Finally, your students should know the work you have done to make rental textbooks  accessible for them.  We'll provide you with information and an approved Rent-A-Text  mark you can use on your syllabus to inform students on how to find the rental  options you make available.

As partners in education, we all have a role in lowering education costs.   As a faculty member, you have the power to select course materials and provide a major cost savings opportunity

 for your students to ensure they come to class equipped to learn.  During the next few

months, you will hear more about the Rent-A-Text program from the bookstore.

In the meantime, I encourage you to visit  www.rent-a-text.com<http://www.rent-a-text.com> for program information and updates.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mark Wigand (mark.wigand at cpcc.edu<mailto:mark.wigand at cpcc.edu>) or Eric C Price (eric.c.price at cpcc.edu<mailto:eric.c.price at cpcc.edu>)

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