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[Cpcommunicator] Advisory: Learning and Technology Collaborative Initiatives

>From The Vice President for Learning

Various information technologies continue to play an important role in the teaching and learning process. I am pleased to announce the following initiatives in collaboration with Information Technology Services.

Liaison between Learning and Information Technology Services

A full-time faculty member will be reassigned for a year to become the liaison between our areas. The selected individual will become part of Information Technology Services management team for this period, and work closely with faculty across the College to facilitate communications and technology planning and implementation.  In the near future, a detailed invitation will be posted for interested faculty who wish to apply for this role.

iPad Pilot

Mobile computing platforms are evolving and it is important that the College is well prepared to leverage these tools as more consumers and our students adopt these technologies. In this spirit, a pilot program will provide one faculty member in each Learning division with an Apple iPad (16G, WiFi) to take home over the summer, learn how to use it, and then come back in the fall with recommendations about how the tool can be used to enhance any element of teaching, learning, collaboration, or communication.  That same instructor will have use of the iPad for next year and be expected to incorporate some of the recommendations.

Broadband Internet Access

Twenty Five (25) faculty members will be provided ClearWire 4G high-speed wireless modems for use from home to connect to College systems and resources on the internet. This access is targeted for communication and collaboration with colleagues and students to promote research, exploration, and learning. Interested faculty are advised to check the Clear coverage map at http://www.clear.com/callnow/coverage/ and select Charlotte to determine if their home has coverage (dark green) and then submit a broadband internet grant application for consideration.

Travel to Technology Conferences

Additional funds are being made available to encourage faculty professional development related to information technologies. Four awards of up to $1,500 each are available this year (between now and June 2011) for attendance at regional or national technology conferences. Participants will be expected to provide a written report of their observations and ideas developed as a result of their attendance at these conferences. Interested faculty are encouraged to visit http://www.cpcc.edu/pd/funding/tier-a and submit their Faculty Upgrade Allotment (Tier A) form.

Foreign Language Learning Program

The highly recommended Rosetta Stone language-learning program for free is being extended beyond its current end date of July 2101. In addition, licenses are being increased to accommodate double the number of participants. Employees who sign up will have three months of unlimited access to the Rosetta Stone online learning system, with professional development credit available. Interested faculty and staff and encouraged to sign up at http://inside.cpcc.edu/profdev/Rosetta_Stone.ASP and enhance their knowledge of a foreign language in this age of globalization.

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