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Fri May 7 07:56:24 EDT 2010
The following positions have been posted on the CPCC website as of today.  To get detailed information regarding these postings please see the employment page on the CPCC website at the following link http://careers.peopleclick.com/careerscp/Client_CentralPiedmont/external/search.do

All positions are subject to budget approval

Internal Only

Buyer Senior                                                                      5ADSRSW-FNC-8                              Req. # 1068

Internal & External

PT Instructor Health Education                           3HPERDO-CEF-1                      Req.# 1056
Fall 2010

PT Instructor Sustainability Technology              3GSPTEC-CEF-10                     Req# 1070
Fall 2010

PT Instructor English                                         3ENGLSH-CEF-1                       Req# 1072

PT Instructor Public Safety CCE
Fire Protection                                                  3PSFIRE-HEF-1                        Req# 1073

PT Instructor CCE Exploring Medical Language  3AHEMLG-CEF-1                       Req# 1074

PT Instructor CCE Hospital Nursing
Unit Secretary Program                                      3AAHHUS-CEF-2                       Req# 1075

PT Instructor Public Safety CCE
Fire Protection                                                  3PSFIRE-HEF-2                        Req# 1076

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