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Tue May 4 07:44:50 EDT 2010
All positions subject to budget approval

Internal and External

The following positions have been posted on the CPCC website as of today.  To get detailed information regarding these postings please see the employment page on the CPCC website at the following link http://careers.peopleclick.com/careerscp/Client_CentralPiedmont/external/search.do

Compensation Analyst - Reissued                 5HUMANR-FEP-9                  Req. #999

Instructor Substance Abuse                           3SUBSTC-FEF-1                   Req. #1049

Instructor Physical Therapy                            3PHYTHR-FEF-1                   Req. #1053

Librarian                                                          3LIBRSV-FEP-16                   Req. #1058

Instructor ACA                                                3ACAREL-FEF-1                    Req. #1059

Executive Secretary                                       3CODVDN-FNC-1                 Req. #1060

PT Instructor Horticulture                               3HORTCL-CEF-1                   Req. #1057

PT Lab Asst II Fall 2010                                  3HPERDO-HNC-3                 Req.# 1062

PT Lab Asst II Summer 2010                         3HPERDO-HNC-3                 Req.# 1063

PT Disability Counselor                                  4SPECPO-HNP-1                  Req. #1064

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