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[Cpcommunicator] Covered H1N1 Vaccination for State Health Plan Members

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Fri Jan 8 12:49:28 EST 2010
Covered H1N1 Vaccination for State Health Plan Members                [cid:image001.png at 01CA9061.02FF6580]

For employees and dependent family members on the State Health Plan who wish to receive H1N1 vaccination, below is a list of all participating providers/places of service in North Carolina. State Health Plan (SHP) members and dependent family members with SHP BCBSNC PPO coverage can go to these locations for a covered H1N1 flu shot.

PLEASE NOTE: Outside of NC, Maxim community clinics cannot accept BCBSNC members and there are no out of state pharmacists in-network.

The flu shot will be free to the member IF the member has 100% preventive care benefits and they go to one of the following locations/providers for a flu shot. If other services are performed at the same time a flu shot is administered (i.e. physical exam), a copayment will apply.

*        In-network Primary Care Physician's office (nurse visits only)

*        In-network CVS MinuteClinic

*        In-network immunizing pharmacist (an individual pharmacist in the BCBSNC network). To find a participating pharmacist go to Find a Doctor<http://www.bcbsnc.com/apps/providers/search.do?searchType=Doctor> on bcbsnc.com and search for a specialty of "Pharmacist (Flu and Other Limited Injections)"

*        All Kerr Drug locations in NC have pharmacists that are participating in the BCBSNC network.  For a list of Kerr Drug H1N1 clinics, go to http://www.kerrdrug.com/h1n1.php

*        Maxim community clinic (in NC only). To find a clinic, go to http://h1n1.findaflushot.com/

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