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[Cpcommunicator] College Senate President-Elect Candidate Platform

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Thu Apr 29 10:11:03 EDT 2010
Fred Tone
For President Elect of College Senate

Faculty Welfare chair for 2 years, College Senate President Elect for 1 year, and College Senate President for 3 years

I will work cooperatively with Gary Gilbody,  2010-11 College Senate President, to achieve the following in the upcoming year:

1. Enhance the College Senate's position as a respected and meaningful mouthpiece for Professional Staff  and Faculty

2. Encourage College policy makers to consult with the Senate before and not after a new policy is set

3. Keep the Senate focused on the most important current issues and offer proactive solutions.

4. Close some of the vague loopholes that still remain in the discipline/dismissal  policy. (An employee whose continuing presence is not considered to be in the best interest of the College may be suspended without pay for 90 days)

5. Push to modify employee PDP's to have realistic - achievable goals.
6. Strive to persuade CPCC to provide health care to part-time employees who wish to  enroll and contribute.

7. Convince classified staff and administrators that a Sick Leave Pool is a good idea for everyone.

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