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Thu Apr 1 11:36:20 EDT 2010
Dear Colleagues,

We are writing to request your participation in the 2010 Family Campaign to benefit CPCC and the students we serve.  The Campaign is in full swing.  To date, we have received 186 gifts.  If you have already given, thank you very much.  If you haven't made a gift yet, thank you for your careful consideration.  CPCC and the students we serve need every penny given this year as uncertain times challenge us all.  As companies close, as layoffs continue, as unemployment rises to unprecedented levels in modern times, and as families struggling to keep their homes, your gift can make the difference.

The Campus employee participation award is still up for grabs.  Like never before, every Campus is in the running for the trophy.  There is still time to make your gift, help your Campus win, and get your blue bracelet which makes you eligible for special prizes from car washes to I-pods.  Yours gifts are important at every level.

Thank you for the many ways you make CPCC great!

Family Campaign Campus Captains,
Cato - Jill Lutz
Central - Stacey Harris & Eric Jensen
Harper - Suzanne Richards
Harris - Suzy Winters & Michael Matlock
Levine - Scarlett Hollingsworth
North - Laurie Walker

P.S. - If you are an alumni employee, we have a special promotion gift for you when you make a gift to the Family Campaign or the Alumni Campaign.

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