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[Cpcommunicator] Counseling Services Early Alert Program

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Tue Sep 15 08:11:43 EDT 2009
>From Counseling Services


Do you know students who are struggling with motivation or focus?  Have
you spoken with someone in your class who's experiencing a personal
crisis, emotional struggles or difficulties with relationships?
Counselors at CPCC are available to assist students in these situations,
and we welcome referrals from instructors. With this in mind, Counseling
Services provides the Early Alert Program, giving faculty access to an
easy-to-use, web-based form to make referrals. Once a referral has been
received, Counselors will follow-up with students to discuss their
goals, assess their needs, and guide them toward the resources that can
help them achieve success.  For all the details, visit the iCAN website.




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