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Fri Sep 11 09:36:56 EDT 2009
>From the President's Office 


The Fall 2009 enrollment numbers are in, and as expected, CPCC is facing
record enrollment. Our fall curriculum headcount is a record high at
over 19,500, and estimates are that  FTE will  show a 35% increase over
the past three years. There are more people utilizing the College than
ever before, and all of us are feeling the impact of an increased
workload. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for
your dedication and commitment to CPCC. I know that all departments are
going above and beyond this year to do more with less. Consider our 100%
increase in financial aid applications, the additional budget reporting
requirements mandated by the state this year,  larger class sizes, and
the other examples of increased work due to the record enrollment.
Faculty and staff have worked tirelessly, without additional personnel,
to continue to provide outstanding service to our students and to our
community. Please accept my gratitude during these challenging - and
exciting - times. We are going to have a great 2009-10 year, and I look
forward to accomplishing our goals together.




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