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Wed Dec 9 13:06:12 EST 2009
>From Facilities Services

Once per year the Facilities Services Division gets together for a day of internal training to address safety training requirements and targeted professional development.

This year the date for our training will be Friday, December 11, 2009.  All departments of Facilities Services will participate including:  Facilities Management, General Maintenance, HVAC, Electrical, Grounds, Inventory Control, and Security and Emergency Management.  (College employees only will participate; our contract security provider, US Security Associates will be at their posts).

Please contact us through Security Dispatch at Ext. 6632 if a crisis should arise.  For all your routine service requirements, we request that you leave us a voice message at Ext. 6000 or email message at cpccmaintenance at cpcc.edu<mailto:cpccmaintenance at cpcc.edu> and we will address those issues later in the day.

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