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[Cpcommunicator] Classified Staff Council Foster-a-Family food drive continues

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Mon Nov 17 12:51:01 EST 2008
>From Teraisa Tucker


Campus challenge update:


Have you heard? There are 14 CPCC families who need our help! These are
people just like you and me who work right here at CPCC. These are
regular people who have fallen on hard times and need a little help. 


Classified Staff Council usually pulls its resources together to help
families referred to us by Social Services. This year, we've decided to
turn our focus to our own families. We have made it our mission this
Thanksgiving to provide a delicious, bountiful Thanksgiving Dinner.
Unfortunately, this isn't all they need. We are challenging each campus
to give as much support and assistance as possible this drive. We can't
do this without your help. 


To lighten up a difficult situation we thought it might be fun if we
made a healthy competition out of this drive this year. J


WHAT WE NEED:  Nonperishable food items/canned goods, gift cards to
places like Food Lion, Walmart, Bi Lo, etc. Bring your donations in now
through November 21, 2008, to the designated contact at your campus.
Each campus rep will report to the council weekly on donation status in
order to determine the overall winner come November 21.


The campus who donates the most to this cause will be listed in the
Communicator under the title: 


North Campus has already filled their donation box once! They are close
to filling it a second time. Our larger campuses should be able to
match, if not beat, North Campus's outpour of generosity and "Can the


Our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandmothers and children need
our help. These are OUR CPCC family members struggling. Who better to
give them a hand up than their own CPCC Family? Please, do all you can. 


Campus Challenge Standings (as of 11/17/08)

1st Place           North Campus (1 of 1 boxes full: 11/7)

2nd Place          Central High Bldg (1 of 1 boxes full: 11/14)

3rd Place          Terrell Bldg (1 of 1 boxes full: 11/14)

4th Place          Levine Campus (1 of 2 boxes full: 11/14)

5th Place          Admin 4 Bldg (1 of 1 boxes full: 11/17)

6th Place


Who's going to be in first place come November 21?


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