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[Cpcommunicator] ADVISORY: Update from the President

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Fri Nov 7 07:11:23 EST 2008
>From Dr. Tony Zeiss


The College Cabinet has reviewed the numerous suggestions submitted from
across the College for ways to decrease expenses during these uncertain
budget times. A few of the suggestions should be implemented as of


* Please print on both sides of paper when possible, 

* Turn out lights when offices or classrooms are not in use.


The College Cabinet is presently reviewing all vacancies and will
approve filling only those that are determined to be critical to our
mission. There are several more ideas that were suggested that are now
being reviewed, and a decision will be made regarding their viability
and potential for saving money.  


Concerning all out-of-state travel, the appropriate unit vice president
must approve all out-of-state travel. If travel arrangements and
registrations have already been made, the unit vice president must
re-confirm permission for the travel. All employees must receive prior
approval from his or her respective vice president to submit a
presentation proposal to any out-of-state conference.  


Ideas are still welcome. Please send your best thoughts to
Susan.Oleson at cpcc.edu, and I thank you for your willingness to help the
College stay effective under financial constraints.  



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