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New library materials:


Below is a partial listing of new library resources received during the
month of February.  



*         Battle for the Holy Land

*         Brotherly love

*         Egypt's golden empire. Episode 1, The warrior pharaohs.
Episode 2, Pharaohs of the sun

*         Endgame ethics and values in America  

*         Faith & doubt at Ground Zero

*         Elusive peace. Part 1, 1999-2001. Part 2, 2001-2002

*         Elusive peace. Part 3, 2002-2005 Israel and the Arabs

*         Mysteries of the deep

*         The invasion of Iraq 

*         Watergate plus 30 shadow of history

*         New Orleans 



*         A DVD history of the U.S. Constitution, Volumes 1-4, 1619-2005



*         All the news that's fit to sell : how the market transforms
information into news 

*         Blended practices for teaching young children in inclusive

*         Blueprints and plans for HVAC 

*         Buried by the Times : the Holocaust and America's most
important newspaper 

*         Color and money : how rich White kids are winning the war over
college affirmative action 

*         Communicating in sign : creative ways to learn American Sign
Language (ASL) 

*         Community College Laws of North Carolina (Ref)

*         Creating and enhancing digital astro images 

*         Darfur : the ambiguous genocide 

*         Electronics demystified 

*         Encyclopedia of garden design & structure : ideas and
inspiration for your garden (Ref)

*         Estimating & bidding for builders & remodelers 

*         Extreme weather : understanding the science of hurricanes,
tornadoes, floods, heat waves, snow storms, global warming and other
atmospheric disturbances 

*         For better and for worse : welfare reform and the well-being
of children and families 

*         Fundamentals of turfgrass management 

*         Illicit : how smugglers, traffickers, and copycats are
hijacking the global economy 

*         Marketing to the social web : how digital customer communities
build your business 

*         Moses : when Harriet Tubman led her people to freedom 

*         One nation, one standard : an ex-liberal on how Hispanics can
succeed just like other immigrant groups 

*         Remote sensing image analysis : including the spatial domain 

*         Statistical abstract of the United States (Ref)

*         Teen rights (and responsibilities) : a legal guide for teens
and the adults in their lives 

*         The new rules of marketing and PR : how to use news releases,
blogs, podcasts, viral marketing and online media to reach your buyers

*         The seventies : the great shift in American culture, society,
and politics 

*         Using literature to support skills and critical discussion for
struggling readers : grades 3-9 

*         Which rights should be universal? 


Want something on the lighter side? Check out our new leisure materials
-from-february-2008/> ! The entire list of new materials by month is
/library-services/faculty-resources/cd/new-library-materials> . For
additional library news, book reviews, helpful links and more, check out
the CPCC Libraries Blog <http://www.cpcclibraries.wordpress.com/> .



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