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Project Specialist, Position #3CUSTSV-FNC-15, REQ. #296. Project
Specialist position available in Corporate and Continuing Education at
Levine Campus in Matthews. The project specialist performs complex
administrative tasks to support the management team. In this role the
individual will be responsible for tracking projects and processes,
running reports, reviewing and updating training materials, organizing
shared drives, reviewing and updating web pages and assisting with the
budget. Another key duty is learning and acting as a backup for the
maintenance of all department databases. Making travel arrangements,
coordinating meetings, generating forms, and maintaining department
files is also required. The preferred candidate will have excellent
communication skills, strong organizational skills and high level
computer skills. Flexibility and initiative are characteristics that
will be essential for success. Minimum qualifications:  associate's
degree from an accredited institution in education, business, marketing
or information technology with two years of full-time (or equivalent)
work experience in an office environment. Bachelor's degree from an
accredited institution in education, business, marketing, information
technology or closely related field and experience in project
coordination preferred. Closing Date:  April 10, 2008.


Director ESS & Student Discipline-Central Campus, Position
#4ESSMCM-FEA-10, REQ #297. This position provides campus leadership to
ensure the efficient operation of ESS functions. Assists the associate
dean for ESS multi-campus and campus dean to coordinate the planning,
organization and provision of ESS services. This position reviews
student disciplinary issues; advises students of College's policies and
Student Code of Conduct and enforces disciplinary actions; Assists with
the development and assessment of policies, procedures, processes and
systems that the College has implemented; plans, organizes and directs
enrollment and student services at Central Campus during peak
registration periods by working collaboratively with other departments
as necessary to meet the needs of students; consults and provides input
on hiring, performance evaluation, training and monitoring work
assignments for assigned staff. Minimum qualifications: master's degree
from an accredited college or university in social work, psychology,
education, counseling or a related field plus; and minimum of four (4)
years of full-time related work experience (or part-time equivalent)
including supervisory responsibilities. Closing Date: March 21, 2008.


Student Recruiter/Enrollment Specialist, Position #4ESSMCM-FNC-6, REQ
#292. This position will recruit new students for curriculum programs in
accordance with the mission, goals, and policies of the College;
contacts and meets high school counselors and teachers to explain
benefits of the programs; participates in classroom visitation and other
special events to explain program to potential students; provides
information regarding admissions requirements and program benefits to
prospective students and parents via phone, mail and personal visits;
follows up with mail or phone call, as appropriate; assists new students
with the enrollment process and career options; produces follow-up
reports regarding activities and future plans; maintains awareness of
new departments in field through conferences and professional
development classes; works with recruitment staff to coordinate assigned
activities with those of other programs, departments, and outside
agencies and organizations; provides multi-campus support during
registration, special events and tours; assists recruitment team members
in implementation of special projects. Minimum qualifications:
bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university (preferably
in marketing or related field) and two years of full-time related work
experience (or equivalent in part-time) in higher education. Closing
Date: March 21, 2008.


Director International Programs & Services, Position #4INTPRG-FEA-2, REQ
#288. The Director for International Programs and Services manages and
implements the recruitment of international students, international
admissions, and student services processes; manages administrative
operations including but not limited to budgets, assessments, staffing,
training, compliance and records retention; utilizes internal
partnerships for effective delivery of international student services;
utilizes SEVIS electronic tracking system for as management tool for
international students; manages international student admissions (forms,
required paperwork, documentation, and regulations); complies with all
regulation governing F-1 student visa; joins and participates in
professional international student organizations (local, state, and
national); utilizes the Colleague system as a management tool for
monitoring the status of international students. Minimum qualifications:
bachelor's degree in education, marketing, management or a related field
from an accredited institution; and 4-to-6 years of full-time experience
(or part-time equivalent) relating to marketing, recruitment,
international program administration or student services. Closing Date:
March 25, 2008.


Job Placement Specialist, Position #4ESSMCM-FEP-4, REQ #287. This
position maintains an effective job placement program to meet students
and community needs by matching student abilities and experience with
employers' requirements and referring students for interviews. This
position will also liaison with business partners and agencies to
advocate and assist students with job placements; maintains an effective
job placement program for CPCC students and graduates; builds
relationships with business and community leaders by visiting their
worksites, promoting CPCC programs and students; facilitates the process
for CPCC students with available job opportunities; identifies job
opportunities and generates interest for CPCC students with employers in
the community; works with students to determine their work history and
qualifications; screens and refers students to available job postings;
matches student's knowledge and abilities with job requirements and
refers qualified students to employers for interviews. Minimum
qualifications: bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and two
years of full-time work experience (or part-time equivalent) related to
job placement services, developing relationships or recruiting. Closing
Date: March 21, 2008.



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