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[Cpcommunicator] Office Depot restricted (non-contract) supply items

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Wed Mar 5 09:28:24 EST 2008
>From Pat Emch


To update and clarify:  Effective March 3, 2008, Office Depot removed
numerous restricted (non-contract) and formerly visible items from the
term contract and the online catalog.


Office Depot is the exclusive office supplies vendor for term contract
615A. However, products not listed or covered by the contract may be
purchased from best available sources including CPCC's new secondary
Office Depot account #47751820 by calling national customer service at


The contract indicates a minimum order of $100.00 for any single order;
Office Depot itself does not impose this minimum order. CPCC is
authorized to purchase from best available sources on orders less than
this minimum order value. This provision shall not be used by an agency
to circumvent the intent of the contract. 


Understanding that Office Depot incurs costs each time a delivery is
made, users are encouraged to manage their office supplies purchases and
order at least $100.00 minimum whenever possible. If you have an urgent
requirement and elect to place an order for less than the minimum order
value, transportation charges will not be charged by Office Depot. 


To view current pricing on all of Office Depot's state contract items,
visit http://www.doa.state.nc.us/PandC/numlistt.asp (click on 615A),
open contract. Scroll to Page 5, Item D, and double click on the PDF
link (View Pricing in Schedule format (PDF file). Check your
invoice/statement to verify state contract pricing. Report any
discrepancies to CPCC's Office Depot representative, Steven Tarlowe, at
704.678.8360 for correction.


Procurement will announce an important special class "Office Supply
Contract Training." 



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