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[Cpcommunicator] Coping with loss, bereavement, and grief

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Mon Dec 8 10:36:19 EST 2008
>From Mandy Saunders, Counseling Services /Student Success Services - 


Recently, an esteemed student of CPCC passed away as a result of some
very unfortunate events which took place off campus.  


The office of Counseling Services recognizes that classmates and
instructors may experience initial shock and despair as they learn of
this tragic event. Student counselors are glad to aid students who are
at this time needing to process their feelings.


Counseling Services also wants to remind the College community that
counselors are available to assist students who are experiencing grief
as a result of similar circumstances in their lives. 


If you happen to know of a student who is needing assistance regarding
this event, or with other similar struggles, please encourage him or her
to visit our offices at the campus that is most convenient.


Central -- Central High Building, room 212  -   704-330-6433  or

Levine -- Student Success Center   - 704-330-4267

Cato  -- Student Success Center   -  704-330-4801

North  -- Claytor 1116  - 704-330-4105

Harper -- Harper 262  - 704-330-4442

Harris -- Harris 1109 - 704-330-4682



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