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[Cpcommunicator] ADVISORY: Financial aid contingent on final grades

>From Shane Jeter


With the end of the fall semester approaching, we want to send a
reminder about final grades. 


We cannot stress enough the importance of submitting grades on time for
the financial aid process of satisfactory academic progress (SAP). SAP
is a Department of Education-mandated process completed each semester to
determine if a student maintained minimum standards during the semester
to continue receiving financial assistance.


Veterans' Affairs regulations also require timely grade submission for
determination of continued student eligibility. 


We have had instances in the past where not all grades were submitted on
time and ineligible students were permitted to receive aid. It was not
until all grades were in that they were determined to be ineligible, and
we have to bill the student and return funds to the Dept. of Ed. This is
a disservice to students and increases college liability.  


With students potentially allowed to purchase books when we return
January 6, all grades need to be in before the break so that we can
complete the SAP process to prevent noneligible students from receiving


Also, financial aid students who receive a failing grade (F) as a result
of nonattendance need to have the last date of attendance included.




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