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Accounting Specialist, Position #5ADSRWT-FNC-1, REQ ID #238. This
Accounting Specialist in Administrative Services on Central Campus
performs a variety of technical accounting tasks related to preparing,
maintaining, and reviewing financial reports and records. Also processes
various forms and other financial information and materials; enters
financial information; gathers and summarizes data; conducts research
and analyzes information; enters accounts payable requests into computer
system; reviews computer printouts for accuracy; provides information
and responds to inquiries; may advise departments on policies and
procedures relating to accounts payable; reviews various financial forms
and records; researches and resolves discrepancies; verifies accounts
payable payments for accuracy; works with and manages the accounts
payable document imaging system; reviews and monitors accounts payable
records. Minimum qualifications: G.E.D. or high school diploma and three
years of full-time (or the equivalent in part-time) relevant accounting
work experience; or a combination of accounting work experience and
education beyond high school in accounting totaling three years. Closing
Date: November 30, 2007.



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