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Wed Nov 14 14:01:57 EST 2007
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Internal & External Position


Instructional Lab Facilitator Position #3ENGLIT-FNC-1, REQ ID #235.
(Grant position through June 30, 2008). The Instructional Lab
Facilitator position is available in the Community
Development/International Community and Outreach Department, campus
location to be determined. The International Community and Outreach
Department supports the mission of CPCC by developing strategic plans
and programming that will increase the educational opportunities for the
multicultural and linguistic community. The department seeks to connect
the English language learning community to English language instruction,
job training and college programs. The instructional lab facilitator for
this department plans and coordinated laboratory activities and online
courses that support instructional programs in Adult ESL, specifically
with civics-related curriculum and assists the Civics ESL instructor in
piloting online courses. Closing Date:  Saturday, November 24, 2007.


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