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[Cpcommunicator] Counseling and Advisement FAQ for faculty advisors and counselors

>From Office of Counseling and Advisement of Student Success Services


The registration season has proved to be a period when students heavily
seek advisement from student counselors, academic advisors and faculty
advisors. The following questions and answers contain information that
will be helpful during this busy time.  


Q: How can students change their program of study or declare a program?

A: Faculty advisors, program chairs, division directors, and student
counselors can submit a program change for a student. When instructors
identify students who need to declare a program or change their program,
they can: 


a) refer them to their faculty advisor 

b) refer them to the appropriate program chair/division director, or 

c) refer them to the Student Success desk at multi-campuses or
Counseling Office at Central Campus, Central High Bldg., Suite 212, to
schedule an appointment to meet with a student counselor.


Once the Program Admit/Change Form is completed and signed by both the
student and the authorized faculty member or student counselor, it is
turned in to the Office of Admissions and Registration for entry to the
student's academic record.


Q: I have a list of students to advise, but I don't know how they were
assigned to me. What process do students undergo to get a faculty

A: Here's how the process works for students:


Students who have never attended college before this semester

1.       meet with an academic advisor in Counseling and Advisement

2.       discuss educational goals and strategies for success

3.       select courses for the first semester

4.       are assigned a faculty advisor based on the student's program
of study


Students transferring to CPCC from other colleges/universities 

1.       make an appointment to meet with a student counselor by calling
704-330-6433 or 704-330-5013 

2.       meet with student counselor  

3.       discuss educational goals and strategies for success 

4.       review transfer credit to determine if placement tests are

5.       discuss how previous credit will apply to CPCC programs 

6.       are assigned faculty advisor based on student's program of


Note:  Depending on how much transfer credit the student has, the
student counselor may recommend courses for the first semester or may
refer the student immediately to his or her faculty advisor for course
recommendations for all subsequent semesters.


Note that students in A.A.S. programs work with their faculty advisors
until graduation. Students in College Transfer programs work with
faculty advisors until they have completed 30 hours. After 30 hours,
they work with academic advisors in the Transfer Resource Center or with
student counselors to prepare for graduation.     


Q: What is the Counselor/Faculty Liaison Program?

A: The liaison program links academic divisions with student counselors
to facilitate communications. Each division has a counseling partner who
serves as the primary contact for updates from the academic division
about new programs and curriculum changes. The counselor then passes the
information along to the rest of the counseling staff. The counselor
liaison also provides information to the faculty liaison about services
and policies that affect students in order to facilitate academic
advising and student success.



Counselor Liaison

Faculty Liaison

Applied Technologies

Rick Helms <http://secure.cpcc.edu/webpages/view.asp?edirID=4064> 

Anver Classens, Kenn Compton, Jay Potter, Steve Corriher, W. Tom
Swanger, Gareth Burns, Stephen Gerhardt, Steve Gore

Arts & Communication

Quinn <http://secure.cpcc.edu/webpages/view.asp?edirID=3590>  Lacy

Scott Bauer, Mick Campbell, John Cone, Tom Hollis, Linda White, Craig
Bove, Carol Whitman

Behavioral & Social Sciences


Jim Bazan, George Warren, Terina Lathe

Business & Accounting

Monique Brooks <http://secure.cpcc.edu/webpages/view.asp?edirID=2941> 

Beverly Loach, Ann Rowell, Patricia Daniel, Nadine Russell, Pat West and
Michael Goode

Early Childhood

Monique Brooks <http://secure.cpcc.edu/webpages/view.asp?edirID=2941> 

Sandy Newman

Engineering Technologies

Mike <http://secure.cpcc.edu/webpages/view_basic.asp?edirid=3771>  Putts

Jorma Harkonen, Thomas Page, Jeff Wyco, Christopher Paynter, Clyde Hooks
Jr., Gerald Hieronymus

English, Reading & Humanities


Karen Williams, Christopher Brawley, Lisa Foley, Wanda Hill, Patti

Foreign Language & Academic ESL

Tracey Questell <http://secure.cpcc.edu/webpages/view.asp?edirID=166199>

Edith McElroy


Tracey Questell <http://secure.cpcc.edu/webpages/view.asp?edirID=166199>

Bobby Sutton

Health Sciences

Amy Derck <http://secure.cpcc.edu/webpages/view.asp?edirID=3540> 

Sally Whitten, Arlene Parrish, Jane Lavin, Judith Qualtieri, Marty Long,
Leesa Whicker, Becky Sanders, Ilene Weiner, James Whitley, Ruth
Hedgpeth, Sabrina Black, Joan Eudy,  Gene Pease

Hospitality Education

Rick Helms <http://secure.cpcc.edu/webpages/view.asp?edirID=4064> 

Bob Boll, Jeffrey LaBarge, Geoffrey Blount, Richard Spelman

Information Technology

Brian <http://secure.cpcc.edu/webpages/view.asp?edirID=3462>  Carpenter

Chad Ray, Farhad Javidi, Charles Henion, Ann Aksut, D.I. Von Briesen,
Glenn Simpkins, Todd Koonts, Hoyle Blalock, Kamal Nayfeh, Don Belle

International Student Programs

Tracey Questell <http://secure.cpcc.edu/webpages/view.asp?edirID=166199>

Dotty Holley


Sebastian <http://secure.cpcc.edu/webpages/view.asp?edirID=4063>  Tate

Suzanne Williams, Faye Childress, Janice Ervin, Sonya Johnson, Helen

Human Services & Health Educ.


Ruth Hedgpeth, Cynthia Smith, Katherine Miller, Bettie Dibrell, Tommy

Professional Careers

Marielena Hange <http://secure.cpcc.edu/webpages/view.asp?edirID=928> 

Michael Hudson, John Holmes, Keith Cagle, Sara Ballard, Dora Johnson,
Nina Neal 

Public Safety

Ardette Lino <http://secure.cpcc.edu/webpages/view.asp?edirID=3148> 

Margaret Gibson-Austin, Christopher Hailey and Jim Hopkins


Monique Taylor

David Privette, Alisa Hylton

Transport Systems Technologies

Ardette Lino <http://secure.cpcc.edu/webpages/view.asp?edirID=3148> 

Laurie Walker, Henry Bennett, Ken Collins and Bobby Christopher


The above counselor liaisons will be in place effective January 2, 2008,
and updates will be sent out at that time. 


Thank you for your patience.



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