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Wed Jun 13 08:42:08 EDT 2007
>From Tracie Kanellopoulos


CPCC has partnered with Clean Air Works! This is a project of the
Regional Air Quality Board to improve the quality of air in order to
meet federal clean air standards. The program kicked off in June and
continues through September.   


The Clean Air Works! Commuter Prize Program is designed to reward
commuters for using alternatives to get to work. Accrue great prizes by
registering and tracking your commute at
http://www.trackyourcommute.com/cpcc/ .


CPCC has agreed to implement several additional programs to help reduce
emissions, including commute options and changes to operations and
maintenance activities. Please contact Tracie Tallant Kanellopoulos
<mailto:tracie.kanellopoulos at cpcc.edu?subject=Clean%20Air%20Works!> ,
6580, for more information and look for more announcements to follow!


Remember - 10 Solutions to Air Pollution

1.   Commute by carpool, vanpool, mass transit, biking, or walking. 

2.   Combine your trips and errands to reduce driving. 

3.   Brown bag it - take your lunch to work instead of driving. 

4.   Limit vehicle idling: avoid drive-throughs and turn off your car
when waiting at schools, banks, and other places. 

5.   Don't top off your gas tank - escaping fumes contribute to ozone

6.   On Air Quality Action Alert Days, refuel vehicles in the afternoon
or on days with no alert. 

7.   Use environmentally safe paints and cleaning products. 

8.   Work flextime or an alternative schedule when possible. 

9.   Be energy efficient by using Energy Star products; turn off lights
and office equipment when not in use, and purchase compact fluorescent

10.       When purchasing a new car, consider a hybrid or other
low-emission vehicle. Visit http://www.fueleconomy.gov
<http://www.fueleconomy.gov/>  before you shop.  




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