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[Cpcommunicator] ADVISORY: Entering "WN" grades in WebEmployee

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Thu Aug 23 09:37:50 EDT 2007
>From Davandra Reed


Entering "WN" grades in WebEmployee

(A Quick Reference Guide)


Within 48 hours after the census date (10% date) for a class, a "WN"
grade must be posted to the grading screen in WebAdvisor for each
student who does not attend class by the 10% census date.  


For fully online (IN) and Teleweb (TW) courses only:  Print Bb or Moodle
statistics to support if the student has entered the course on or before
the 10% date.  Links to tutorials are:  

Blackboard =

Moodle =


For assistance with LMS statistics call (704) 330.6111 or email
idev at cpcc.edu


Instructions for all classes: 


Warning:  Do not post any grades in WebEmployee before the 10% census
date because this will affect student refunds.


Note: You will be timed-out after 30 minutes on any screen. For security
reasons, do not leave your computer unattended while using WebEmployee.

*      From the WebEmployee Main Menu select the "Faculty" link.

*         On the WebAdvisor for Faculty Menu, select the "Grading" link.

*         From the drop down menu, select the desired term. 

*         Click on submit.

*         From the drop down menu on the Grading screen, select "Final"

*         Choose one class.

*         Click on submit.

*         Enter a "WN" grade for each student in the class who did not
attend by the 10% census date.  (No action is needed for students who do
not appear on the Grading screen.)

*         Click on submit.

*         To see that these grades were successfully posted, repeat the
above process for entering "WN" grades.  After repeating the process,
you may print the grades that you have entered.


Note:  To change "WN" to another grade --    

A Grade Change Request Form must be sent to Student Records (any campus)
to change a "WN" grade once it is posted to the grading screen in


Link to online tutorial =


For assistance contact Davandra Reed:

Office Location: Terrell, Room 233, Central Campus 

Phone: (704)330-5924,   Fax: (704)330-5937 

Email Address:  Davandra.Reed at cpcc.edu


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