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Internal Applicant Posting


Infrastructure Analyst I, Position #2TELECM-FNC-5, REQ ID #195. This is
an entry level position focusing on root cause and system analysis as
needed by the Information Technology Services department in delivering
service and support to clients. Performs a variety of simple or routine
tasks required for the support of user and system requirements. This
position primarily provides first-level support to users although not
limited from working at other levels of the support model as needed.
Tasks may involve installing, configuring, troubleshooting and
maintaining user's hardware, software and network devices; implements
plan for new systems or processes and may assist in training of users;
assists users in formulating requirements and advises on alternatives
and implications; acts as a customer service advocate in resolving
service requests and arbitrates between systems and users when conflicts
arise; provides recommendations on optimizing standard processes as
related to customer service. Minimum qualifications are high school
diploma or GED and 30 hours of completed college-level coursework in
information technology from an accredited institution (associate's
degree and/or industry specific certification(s) preferred; and minimum
one (1) year of related work experience. Closing Date: Friday, August
17, 2007.



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