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[Cpcommunicator] Textbook adoption reminder

Office of Community Relations Communicator Communicator at cpcc.edu
Mon Apr 17 10:58:12 EDT 2006
>From Mark Wigand


When the CPCC Bookstore knows which books you want to use for your
classes next semester: 


*         The value of the book rises, and that enables us to offer your
students more money at textbook buyback this spring. 

*         Your timely adoptions ensure we have a full stock of the right
books in time for fall semester. 


As a "thank you" for your adoptions before April 28, the bookstore would
like to offer you a chance to win $250 in textbook scholarships for your


You can split the scholarship any way you wish from five $50 awards to
one large amount. One instructor will be chosen from the pool of
adoptions submitted before the due date. 


Help the bookstore better serve your current students who are selling
back textbooks now and your future students who will be buying used
books this fall. 

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