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[Cpcommunicator] ADVISORY: Organizational chart update by senior management

Office of Community Relations Communicator Communicator at cpcc.edu
Wed Apr 5 07:17:48 EDT 2006
>From Sharon McElveen


To senior management (vice-presidents, deans, directors and account


In order to complete a crucial project involving the Colleague
population of supervisor fields for full-time employees, the Budget
Department requires your assistance.


Please review your section of the CPCC organizational chart, which is
located on the below link:




Please review the following items:


-          All full-time employees listed

-          All vacant positions listed

-          Position titles

-          Correct placement of supervisors

-          Review for any other changes of pertinent information


For any corrections and/or modifications to any and all of the above,
please complete the organizational change form on the link
and send it to Connie Laliberte, Administrative Services VP office.  


In addition, changes involving the below two situations require that you
contact the following as well as Connie Laliberte:


-          Position title changes - contact Human Resources,
Kim.heffernan at cpcc.edu 704-330-6672

-          Department title changes - contact General Ledger,
Ian.brice at cpcc.edu 704-330-6706


If no changes or corrections to your section of the organizational chart
are needed, please contact the Budget Department via email so that we
can proceed with the correct information and population of the
supervisor field for your department. These may be sent to
Elena.Randolph at cpcc.edu or Anne.Cook at cpcc.edu.


For any new positions requested from this point forward, position
budgeting has revised the full-time position request form to include the
supervisor for each new position.


Please respond to this email request no later than April 10. If we do
not receive a response to this request by April 10, we will proceed with
population of the supervisor field with the information as it currently
appears on the organizational chart.


Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.


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