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[Cpcommunicator] Dana Cole recuperating at home

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Mon Jun 27 08:53:10 EDT 2005
-- From Phillip Lopp


I wanted to let everyone to know the progress of Dana Cole, Records at
Levine. I spoke with her this week and she is getting better day by day.
She hopes to visit the doctor in 2 weeks and get good news about
returning to CPCC part-time soon after that. Everyone, continue to wish
her well and she will be back with us soon.


Also, her sister called me and told me how much Dana appreciated all of
the cards, flowers, gifts and calls that she has received. Dana's sister
told me that Dana hasn't been able to sleep soundly since the operation
and she catches Dana up in the middle of the night, reading the many
cards that she has received from us.  


I will send a follow up email as soon as I find out anything and thank
you all again for your support!  



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