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[Cpcommunicator] Marketing Services releases prototype of redesigned internet home

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Thu Jun 9 07:32:15 EDT 2005
-- From Mark Little


Marketing Services has released a prototype of a redesigned College
internet web site. The prototype may be accessed by visiting
http://redesign.cpcc.edu <http://redesign.cpcc.edu/> .


The redesign incorporates changes in the look and information
architecture of the College's internet web presence, and is the
culmination of a year-long development process.


The prototype will replace the College's current internet web site in
the near future. The exact time of this change will be determined and
communicated at a later date as part of a broader implementation plan.


Individuals who are unable to access the web site from remote locations
may download storyboards at



Please contact Mark Little with any questions or comments about the


Detailed information about this project, and research process that
produced it, may be viewed by visiting the Communications Team web site:


Marketing Services would like to thank the following College entities
for their important contributions to this project:


*	The Communications Team, for their guidance, feedback, and
recommendations. Current and former Communications Team members who
contributed to this project include Adam Brooks, Emma Brown, Amanda
Capobianchi, Adnan Choudary, Kathie Cox, Chris Emery, David Goble,
Mitchell Hagler, April Jones, Valerie Leeper, Amy Ma, JJ McEachern, Pat
Nash, Catalina Ramirez 
*	ITS, for their technical support and assistance. 
*	The Marketing Services Design Team, for their guidance in the
development of web page templates. Current and former design team
members contributed to this project include Jim Bailey, Yesim Bozoklu,
Ryan Case, Gwen Gillespie, Farhad Javidi, Mary Karriker, Valerie Leeper,
Lori McAdams, Richard McDevitt, Bill Perkins, Tom Pfahlert, Chris
Reinhart, Monica Vega 
*	Planning and Research, for their assistance with customer
surveys and focus groups. 



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