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[Cpcommunicator] Benefits Fair prize winners list

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Thu Aug 11 13:29:20 EDT 2005
-- From Jim Davis


The following are winners of Benefits Fair prizes. Prizes may be claimed
by coming to the Human Resources office in Adm. 2 between 8:00 am and
5:00 pm.


Vendor                                      Prize Winner

AAA                                         Melanie Lanier, John Wicker

First Investors                            Robert Jackson

NC401K                                    Joann Murray

SECU                                       Theresa Boyd

BCBS                                       Nancy King

Colonial Life & Accident              Davandra Reed

VALIC                                       Halemo Gulied

Mark III Term Life                       Linda Thompson

Met Life TSA                             Laurie McCoy, William R. Baker,
Nicki Brooks

F. R. Owens                              Katrina Gordon, Earline Hicks

Opticare                                    Lula Andrews

HR Benefits                               Cathy McLendon

                                                Victoria Tsai

                                                Sarah Wilson

                                                Rosemary Smith

                                                Elaine Kushmaul

                                                Mary Perry

                                                Delois Young

                                                Karen Stanley

                                                Joyce Hooker

                                                Denise Wells

                                                Savannah Clay

                                                Marjorie Foxx

                                                Barbara Neequaye

                                                Farhad Javidi

                                                Lynne Kilgore

                                                Tracie Tallant

                                                Amy Ma

                                                Russell Gary

                                                Cynthia Severt

                                                Doug Sweet

                                                Linda Anderson

                                                Kevin Sawyer

                                                Janeen Craven



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