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[Cpcommunicator] ADVISORY: Voluntary Faculty Contract Salary Election form

-- From Cheryl Marshall


The Voluntary Faculty Contract Election Form is available for all
full-time and newly hired instructional faculty to complete to select
the method of monthly payments for the fiscal year 2005-2006.


This form is used to determine the number of monthly payments you will
receive. Each year full-time faculty will voluntarily elect an option.
The selection option made will be in effect annually and cannot be
changed during the year. Faculty may notify Human Resources of a change
in options by August 10, 2005. 


The options contained in the form will be subject to all pertinent
policies and procedures outlined in the online Policies and Procedures
Manual, and subject to compliance with any legislative change. Form must
be reviewed and signed by the supervising administrator.

Existing and new instructional faculty must complete this form and
forward to the Human Resources Department on or before August 10, 2005,
to Cheryl A. Marshall. 


Voluntary Faculty Contract Election Form can be found on the Human
Resources website at Voluntary Faculty Contract Salary Election Form
ion%20of%20Faculty%20Contract%20Duration.doc> .


If you have questions, please call Cheryl Marshall, 6741.


Welcome back and congratulations to our new instructional faculty.


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