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[Cpcommunicator] Transport Systems Division mourns Hendrick family members

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Thu Oct 28 12:04:21 EDT 2004
-- From Laurie Walker


CPCC's Transport Systems Division has been greatly saddened by the
tragic deaths of ten Hendrick family and friends. Randy Dorton, one of
the ten who died in the Hendrick plane crash, was a special friend who
served on CPCC's Motorsports Committee and helped to foster a growing
partnership between Hendrick and CPCC. The upcoming Joe Hendrick Center
for Automotive Technologies was made possible by Rick Hendrick, who
donated a million dollars toward the project. The new building is named
after Rick's father, who recently passed away. Rick has lost a father,
son, brother, two nieces, and close business associates who were like
family. We wish for the entire Hendrick family strength, hope, and peace
during this unimaginably difficult time. 



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