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[Cpcommunicator] Family Campaign message from Reade Baker

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Wed Oct 20 14:28:10 EDT 2004
-- From Reade Baker


Dear Colleagues,


We all have an overwhelming number of opportunities to support
worthwhile causes in our community. We make hard choices and tend to
support those closest to our hearts. For me, CPCC is at the top of the
list for three reasons;


1.	I see faculty and staff here change students' lives regularly.
You lay opportunity at their feet and many make the most of that
wonderful gift. Because you help, those students find their way in the
world, which spreads through the lives of their children and for
generations to come. Because of you, our world is a better place.
Because of the hope and inspiration you generate, one-half of my Family
Campaign gift is restricted to faculty support.
2.	Scholarships give many who badly need your gift of opportunity a
real chance at success and happiness. The ability to pay should never be
the criterion on which education is granted. Scholarships are a gift
that can return dividends many times the value of the original
investment through the productive careers of successful students who
contribute to rather than cost our society. Because of the difference a
scholarship can make, the other one-half of my Family Campaign gift is
restricted to scholarships.
3.	And last but never least, in 1969 I found both at CPCC - a
scholarship that gave me a chance, a faculty that inspired me. Thank


Please be a part of this important effort to help each other, to help
students and to show the community that we believe in what happens here.
If we don't, why should others? 



Reade Baker

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