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[Cpcommunicator] FERPA FAQ Series #9 - Discussions with Professional Colleagues

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Mon Oct 18 08:19:48 EDT 2004
-- From Linda McComb


FERPA FAQ Series #9 - Discussions with Professional Colleagues


Q.  Some of us in Instruction were sharing concerns about a student and
then began to wonder if this was appropriate or allowed by FERPA
regulations.  Our only intention was to help the student.


A.  This may be more of a common sense call than a true FERPA answer.
Professional colleagues within the College should be able to seek advice
and guidance from one another.  Someone with a more objective view may
provide a suggestion or solution that will benefit the student.  If
possible, it's probably better not to name the student; and such
discussions should always be handled confidentially, sensitively, and
with sound professional judgment.  But that goes without saying since,
after all, no one really wants to be talked about.


Q.  What about discussions with our peers at other institutions?


A.  Now, this is a FERPA answer. You can, but it is best to do so only
in the abstract. The student should never be identified or identifiable
- unless you have his or her written permission specifying the items to
be discussed and with whom they can be discussed.  



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