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[Cpcommunicator] FERPA FAQ Series #8 - Enrollment Verifications

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Mon Oct 11 07:30:38 EDT 2004
-- From Linda McComb


FERPA FAQ Series #8 - Enrollment Verifications


Q.  Students sometimes ask me for "something, just anything" to show
that they are registered or are full-time. Usually it seems to have
something to do with insurance or loans. Can I just print the
registration screen or student schedule and sign it for them? 


A. The student should submit a written request to Student Records for an
enrollment verification letter. The request must come from the student;
not a parent, spouse, employer or anyone else. Enrollment verifications
can be handled by the Records Office at any CPCC campus, and are
available at no cost to the student.


Q. But I just hate to send them somewhere else!


A. Yes, but often you'll serve the student and the College better by
doing so, and that's certainly true in this case. There are liability
issues for the College here, and you should know that students have used
signed screen prints to commit fraud. An enrollment verification letter
is an official document bearing the raised seal of the College and the
signature of a registrar. It is standard from campus to campus and
includes enrollment status (full-time, part-time) as well as any
necessary disclaimers. 


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