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[Cpcommunicator] Family Campaign for employees commencing

-- From Kevin McCarthy


Dear Colleagues:


Within the next several days, you will receive information at your
campus or home address about the "Family Campaign." It is an important
component of Creating Opportunities, CPCC's $15 million campaign. I hope
you will take time to carefully review the information you receive.


As you will learn, the College seeks to raise $10 million for
scholarships, $2 million for instructional programs, $2 million for
faculty support, and $1 million in unrestricted support. You will be
asked to make a gift to one or more of these important priorities. You
will be able to do so by check, payroll deduction, or credit card; you
will be able to pledge over a period of five years.


Please know that the support of the CPCC family is important on two
levels. First, your gift will help the College reach the ambitious $15
million goal. Second, your participation will send a positive message to
the broader community and to potential donors-a message that CPCC's
faculty and staff endorse its mission and are willing to invest in
assuring its success.  


Many thanks for what you do for the College every day and for what you
will do. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me or any
other member of the Institutional Advancement/Foundation staff at




Kevin R. McCarthy

Associate Vice President

Institutional Advancement



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