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Tue Oct 5 10:22:25 EDT 2004
-- From Rose Gregory


North Campus Health Awareness Month

October 2004


Wednesday - October 6, 2004

"Breakfast with Breast-Facts"

9:30am - 11:00am

Metrolina Women's Breast Center

Student Lounge


"CANCERS: Signs and Symptoms"

11:30am - 12:30PM

Presbyterian Cancer Center

Criminal Justice Auditorium


*	Dr. Anita Bledsoe-Gardner and Division of Behavioral & Social
*	Rose Gregory/Tracy Moore and Enrollment and Student Services
*	Metrolina Women's Breast Cancer Center
*	Presbyterian Cancer Center



Sponsors: Bi-Lo (Huntersville) ~Cynthia Smith (Health & Physical

~Student Life~Bob Anderson/ Mark Wigard (Follett Bookstore) ~Mike Hood
(Registration Services)



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