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[Cpcommunicator] Salary letter distribution and return advisory

Office of Community Relations Communicator Communicator at cpcc.edu
Thu Dec 2 11:55:49 EST 2004
-- From Fran Lilly


All employees should receive a salary letter in today's mail. It is
important to carefully review the information contained in the letter
and then to sign and return the letter to HR no later than December 21.
If there are any errors, you should contact Shawna Wood at 6812.




Human Resources has discovered that due to a truncation problem, faculty
salary letters may contain an error and incorrectly list the number of
pay periods. The salary letter may show 10 pay periods when the employee
has actually selected 12 pay periods.


If you are a faculty member and your letter indicates 10 pay periods
when you have actually elected to receive your salary over 12 months,
please take the following steps:


1.  Strike out the 10 and manually enter 12.

2.  Initial this manual change.

3.  Sign the letter and return it to HR.


The information will be proofed by Human Resources on each letter when
it is returned to HR. We regret any inconvenience this may cause faculty



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