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[Cpcommunicator] Time sheet guidelines advisory from HR

Office of Community Relations Communicator Communicator at cpcc.edu
Fri Sep 26 16:03:35 EDT 2003
-- From Schnell Dubose

After completing an audit of the August time sheets, there are several
concerns that I would like to share:

> A nonexempt employee earns comp time only if they have physically
worked 40 hours within that week. All remaining hours should then be
coded as COMP.  Any time sheets that do not comply with the compensatory
guidelines (the guidelines were distributed at the time sheet trainings)
will not be entered. Please review the attached guidelines on the HR


If you have questions, please complete a Leave Discrepancy Form and/or
contact me at ext. 6314 for an appointment to review your concern. 
> The code FSIC is applicable to faculty employees with a 10-month
contract that is paid in 10 months. All others should use the SSIC code.

> Please add all time taken for the month and enter the final total in
the code box located at the bottom of your time sheet. 
> When submitting time sheets for your area, please code and total the
hours accurately to avoid incorrect data being entered. Information is
entered according to what has been recorded on the time sheet for that
> I have now set aside Fridays as a day to research leave accounting
concerns. This is to ensure that all discrepancies will receive a

Thank in advance for your cooperation.

--Schnell M. DuBose

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