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[Cpcommunicator] Online grading access advisory

Office of Community Relations Communicator Communicator at cpcc.edu
Tue Sep 23 07:47:02 EDT 2003
-- From Linda McComb

News about online grading access and assistance

Instructors who have used the new web-based application to post final
grades for fall classes have been very successful and found the process
quite easy to use. 

In order to be able to grade your classes online, however, it is
critical that all instructors, full-time and part-time, have network
login ID's and passwords in advance. Those who do not have network
access should request it now. 

To do so, go to the CPCC homepage, click on "CPCC Employees," click on
the "Instruction" link at the left and then click on Course
Administration Webtools. There you will find a "request an account now"

IMPORTANT:  Request access to the "College Network" only. You do not
need mainframe access to enter grades online.  

If you have a login and password, but don't know if it is active, follow
the steps above and attempt to log in at the Course Administration
Webtools site. If you get to the "Enter Grades" link, your password is
active. If not, then go to the "request an account" link and complete
the form. 

Printable instructions for web grading as well as a training
walk-through are available after logging into the Course Administration
Webtools site and clicking on "Enter Grades." In addition, assistance
with training or entry of grades is available at every campus through
the Offices of Admissions, Registration and Student Records. Check with
the Campus Registrar at your campus.

Please share this information with any instructors who may not have
received it.

--Linda McComb

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