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[Cpcommunicator] On-line course support hotline 704-330-6111 advisory

Office of Community Relations Communicator Communicator at cpcc.edu
Tue Sep 16 07:19:43 EDT 2003
-- From Malik Rahman

Based upon the feedback from students and instructors, changes are being
made to eliminate ambiguity and to streamline support.

Faculty support for Blackboard system will be simplified with a single
hotline for both instructional and technology issues. Please call with
all your questions about on-line course issues to this single phone
number (704-330-6111). This phone number will offer you two menu

Press 1 if your call is about error messages, system response, login
problems and other technical difficulties. You will be directed to ITS
help desk team.

Press 2 if you have 'how to' questions about Blackboard and your call
will be directed to the Virtual Campus team.

Students should continue to call the help desk directly at 704-330-5000.
All other technology support (mainframe, Datatel, networks, office
computers, computer labs, smart classrooms, telephones,etc.) for all
faculty and staff will also remain at the help desk.

--Malik Rahman

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