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[Cpcommunicator] Central Campus construction update and advisory

-- From Facilities Services


Steel shipments started arriving today at the Academic Center
construction site on Central Campus near the intersection of Elizabeth
Avenue and Kings Drive. Weather permitting, the contractors will begin
driving the steel into the ground to form the foundation for the
building. This activity is extremely noisy, as some of you have already
experienced while test piles were driven.  It takes approximately 20
minutes of constant pounding to place each piece of steel; there will be
over 650 piles driven into the ground at this site. There is little or
no downtime between the driving of each piece, so this noise will
continue for long stretches at a time.


The College will monitor noise levels as this activity begins to ensure
appropriate health protection for our students, staff and visitors. As
an additional safety precaution while steel is being maneuvered into
place near the Elizabeth Avenue fence line, the College is working with
CATS to move the bus shelter on that side of the street closer to the
Taylor Building.  


We hope you will join us in hoping for a very dry autumn and early
winter so this activity can be completed in record time.  If you have
questions, please call 6000.


--Facilities Services



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