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[Cpcommunicator] Instructors access new Blackboard 6 advisory

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Thu May 22 07:10:24 EDT 2003
-- From Celese Ward, ITS

Monday May 19-30
Instructors access the new Blackboard 6 enterprise system. 

The first step in activating your courses for summer is to go to https://secure.cpcc.edu/courseadmin  There you will select a master course from your existing Blackboard 5.5 courses or ask for a new master course if you are developing a course. 

If you are unsure of which BB course ID to choose, you may use the link provided to view the content of existing BB5 courses. (Old system is available for course review only.) Notice that a new naming convention for courses will be used in the new BB6 system. 

If you choose an existing course as your master, the course ID/name will automatically be converted for you. Sections are generated from mainframe course data; therefore, sections and instructors must be entered correctly into the mainframe by the person responsible in your division, otherwise course section shells will not be assigned to properly.

After 24 hours, the master course you have selected will appear in BB6. Go to http://blackboard.cpcc.edu and make any needed changes to your master course.

Division directors can review existing BB5 course content and select a single master course for use division wide. For example, Bill Whitaker will have a single CIS110 master from which all sections will be copied even though numerous people will teach these sections. 

The director will need to indicate his/her desire to use a division master at the https://secure.cpcc.edu/courseadmin  site. Additionally he/she will need to communicate to all respective faculty that a single master has been chosen.

May 27 
Finally, using the new copy feature, copy the master course onto your summer section shells. When a shell/section has been populated, it is active and students can be enrolled.

May 29
Students will be batched enrolled to the sections.

Saturday, May 31 
GO LIVE-Start of summer semester

If you are not teaching until the fall semester you do not need to select a master at this time. None of your existing courses will be lost.

For training on the new features, functions, and processes contact your Virtual Campus team. See http://pd.cpcc.edu for scheduled classes. For support during May 19-30, call your friendly ITS Help Desk at 5000.

--Celese Ward

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