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[Cpcommunicator] Business and Accounting offices relocating advisory

Office of Community Relations Communicator communicator at cpcc.edu
Fri Mar 7 10:54:58 EST 2003
-- From Pi Settharath

Most of the Business and Accounting faculty/staff are scheduled to move to Kratt on Monday, March 10, 2003.  It may not be possible to reach us by phone or email Friday, March 7 and Monday, March 10.

The following are scheduled to move--phone number will not change.

Savannah Clay               KR304B
Andy Corder                   KR200F
Cheryl Head                    KR200H
Lynn Moretz                    KR200J
Sam Robinson                 KR304G
Luther Ross                    KR200G
Ann Rowell                     KR304I
Kristin Stowe                  KR304G
Pi Settharath                  KR304F
Pat West                        KR304A
Brad Zorn                       KR304C

--Pi Settharath

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