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[Cpcommunicator] State Health Plan and FluMist vaccine advisory

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Mon Dec 15 07:39:21 EST 2003
The following message is from Jack W. Walker, administrator of the State
Health Plan:


DATE:  December 12, 2003


RE :  FluMist Vaccine


In the wake of shortages of injectable influenza vaccines, the NC
Teachers' and State Employees' Comprehensive Major Medical Plan will
increase its reimbursement to physicians to cover the cost for the
FluMist intranasal vaccine for its members. 


The Plan had previously announced that it would only cover up to the
amount of an injectable vaccine for the FluMist intranasal vaccine.
Under this new policy, the Plan will cover expenses for its members for
either vaccine.  Standard office copays will still apply. 


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved FluMist for use
this season for healthy adults age 18 to 49 and healthy adolescents age
5 to 17.  Among those who should not have the FluMist vaccine, according
to the FDA, are: children under 5; adults over age 49; people with
asthma or chronic disorders of the lungs, heart, kidneys or liver;
people with diabetes, AIDS or cancer; pregnant women in their second or
third trimester; and people who have symptoms of a cold or the flu at
the time they are seeking immunization.  Members should consult their
physician regarding which vaccine, if any, is appropriate for them. 


For questions regarding claims processing of the FluMist vaccine,
members should call 1-800-422-4658. 


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